3 Healthy Eating Trends to Expect This Year

3 Healthy Eating Trends to Expect This Year

Each year, as we learn new things about the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies, we tend to change the way we approach food. 2018 will be no different, with several trends impacting how and what people choose to eat. As we’re just starting off the New Year, now is a great time to take note of these trends and start thinking about what changes you might want to make in order to enjoy a healthier diet over the coming months. Let’s take a look at three key changes to expect this year.

Foods that promote a healthy gut.

A lot of research has been performed in recent years that indicates the bacteria we all have within our stomachs (also known as a microbiome) has a significant impact on everything from our immune systems to the excess weight our bodies carry. As such, more and more nutritional experts are recommending that people incorporate foods that are known to promote healthy gut bacteria into their diets. These include probiotics, such as yogurt, as well as foods that are high fiber, including green peas, lentils, black and lima beans, almonds, raspberries, and apples (just to name a few).

A significant move toward natural.

Today’s consumers are much more informed than our predecessors, which is why there continues to be a strong movement toward foods that are more natural. For instance, things like green smoothies, organic fruits and veggies, plant-based proteins, non-GMO and clean-label products are all becoming much more prominent in our grocery stores as well as in our cupboards at home. Expect a continued shift toward these natural products over the coming months.

The rise of “free-from” foods.

Check any restaurant menu today and you’re likely to see a lot of references to what’s NOT in the foods they’re serving, such as gluten or dairy. Along with lifestyle changes, many people today are recognizing the value of embracing a “less is more” attitude, including when it comes to the foods they choose to put in their bodies. As a result, there are an increasing number of products that are being made using plant-based milks and gluten-free flours and grains. As mentioned, organic vegetables and naturally-grown, protein-rich foods, such as lentils and beans, are among those expected to rise in popularity over the coming months.

A new year is a time of positive change, and our diets are a great place to start. Will you be incorporating any of the above trends into your New Year’s resolutions? We will be! Cheers to a happier and healthier 2018!