3 Healthy Snack Tips for Kids

3 Healthy Snack Tips for Kids

Let’s face it. Kids love to snack. The problem is, so many of the snack products on the market today are sugary, salty and loaded with preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.

Thankfully, with a little planning, you can provide your little ones with much better alternatives so they can curb their cravings and also get the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow and maintain a healthy weight. Not sure where to start? Give the following three simple tips a try to ensure that your kids enjoy snacks that are quick, easy, satisfying and most importantly, balanced and nutritious.

Sneak in extra veggies.

Some kids naturally love veggies. Others…not so much. Thankfully there are ways you can get even the pickiest of little ones to eat more vegetables without having to engage in an endless battle of the wills. The secret? Sneak them in. How? Easy. Try whipping up a green smoothie that’s packed with protein and nutrients but tastes like a frozen treat. Or, serve up some decadent black bean chocolate dip with some fresh fruit for dipping. Check out some of our other favorite sneaky veggie recipes, like black bean brownies, sweet potato donuts and vegan peanut butter bars. Trust us – they’ll never suspect a thing!

Prepare ahead.

It’s easy for a kid’s diet to get derailed quickly when the handiest snack to grab is a bag of chips. Having a healthy snack plan in place ahead of time can eliminate this risk and keep the kiddos happy and satisfied. Start by stocking the fridge with cut up fruits and veggies. Also stock up on healthy proteins, like hard boiled eggs, string cheese, nuts and sliced turkey or ham. Keep some nutritious dips, like homemade hummus, yogurt or peanut butter on hand as well. Then, let your little ones choose their snacks, or create a daily snack plan in advance. Less stress for you and healthier options for them!

Involve them in the prep work.

Another great way to get kids excited about eating healthier is to let them get involved in preparing their own snacks. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach them about why fruits, veggies and whole grains are so good for us and the importance of making better choices when it comes to the foods we put in our bodies. Plus, helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen is a fun chance to bond and make lasting memories. Give your kiddos a few guidelines (like the snack has to contain at least one fruit or vegetable) and then allow them to roll up their sleeves and get creative.

Next time your little one comes looking for something to snack on, be prepared with some delicious, nutritious options. This will keep them happy, satisfied – and most importantly – healthy!