3 Tasty Treats Fit For Graduation Parties

3 Tasty Treats Fit For Graduation Parties

School’s out. Now, it’s time to party! Whether you’re planning a gathering to celebrate the accomplishment of your own graduate or will be attending someone else’s get-together, you’re probably going to be preparing some type of sharable dish. Good news – we’ve got you covered! The following three treats are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Best of all, because they’re all made with at least one veggie, they also offer a healthier alternative to all the other fare on the food table.

Chocolate Cauliflower Rice Pudding

If you can make rice out of cauliflower, why can’t you use that “rice” to make a delicious dessert? You certainly can! In fact, you can make it as creamy and decadent as its traditional cousin without all the added carbs and calories AND without sacrificing an ounce of flavor. In fact, this recipe comes out so good, you’ll never even know it wasn’t made with regular rice! The secret? Almond milk and unsweetened cocoa. Check out the full recipe here. It’s sure to be a real hit!

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Seriously – it’s like a personal cake that you get to enjoy all for yourself. The problem is, regular cupcakes tend to be loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. What if there was a way you could harness a more naturally sweet flavor so you could still enjoy the treat of cupcakes but in a much healthier way? Enter sweet potato cupcakes. These babies are moist, tender and absolutely delicious. And topped with our homemade crumble? Divine. Be a hero at the dessert table with these wholesome goodies. Grab the complete recipe here.

Black Bean Brownies

Black beans in chili, soup or salsa? Yes, please. But what about dessert? Whoa! We’ve got a surprise treat just for you (and everyone else on the graduation party guest list) – black bean brownies. Just as moist, fudgy and indulgent as traditional brownies, but with a nutrient-packed super ingredient. Oh, and did we mention that there’s no flour needed? These are perfect for curbing your chocolate craving while also keeping things relatively healthy. And because they don’t taste at all like beans, your fellow snackers will be none the wiser (unless, of course, you want to brag). Here’s the recipe.

Want to earn top honors at this year’s graduation party circuit? The three dishes above are easy to make, perfect for sharing and sure to make the grade. And because each of them contains at least one vegetable, they also offer a delightfully light and healthier option.