4 Delicious Valentine’s Day Veggie Treats

4 Delicious Valentine’s Day Veggie Treats

You know what takes the bite out of the cold winter air? Love. That must be why Valentine’s Day falls in February. Yes, it’s that time again when we get to celebrate the ones who are dearest to us with cards, flowers and, of course, candy and other sweet treats. But what if you’re watching your figure? Does that mean you have to miss out on all the decadent goodness? No way! You just have to be a little creative about it. That said, here are four Valentine’s Day recipes that are as good for you as they are delicious.

Chocolate (Cauliflower) Rice Pudding

Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of rich, creamy and oh-so-decadent chocolate rice pudding? But what about all those carbs? Not to worry! This “lightened up” recipe uses riced cauliflower instead of conventional grain rice for a much lower calorie count (but all the same mouthwatering flavor). We also use Almond milk and unsweetened cocoa, so you can afford to indulge without feeling bad. Share some with the one you love and enjoy every last guilt-free bite!

Black Bean Chocolate Dip

Grab your favorite fruits and get ready to treat yourself with this heavenly chocolate dip that is all flavor and way better for you. That’s because we use black beans as our secret ingredient. (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) Not only is this creamy treat lower in fat and calories, but it’s also a great way to sneak some more plant-based proteins into your diet. So, the way we see it, eating this is a win-win! (You’re welcome.)

Vegan Peanut Butter Bars

There are few flavor combinations that go better together than chocolate and peanut butter. Unfortunately for those living a vegan lifestyle, baked goods like these used to be off-limits. Not anymore! This recipe combines the perfect amount of vegan-friendly ingredients (chick peas, anyone?) to create absolutely irresistible peanut butter chocolate chip bars. These are perfect for celebrating a sweet, better-for-you Valentine’s Day with your love.

Black Bean Brownies

If you skimmed over the chocolate dip because of the black beans, here’s your second chance to give this creative, healthy alternative ingredient a try. (Trust us – we would never steer you wrong!) In fact, these black bean brownies are so delectable, you might just ditch your traditional recipe altogether. Delight your taste buds and get an extra dose of fiber and protein while you’re at it. Whip up a batch and surprise your loved one with a special Valentine’s Treat that won’t derail your diet.

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year, but it doesn’t have to involve fat, carb and calorie overload. Try any of the above recipes and enjoy a healthier treat that’s just as sweet but much better for your health.