4 Healthy & Delicious Sport Snacks for Kids

4 Healthy & Delicious Sport Snacks for Kids

Spring has officially sprung, which for many parents means the start of sports season. Whether your child participates in soccer, baseball, track and field or something else, planning for long practices and keeping them fueled throughout their games is critical. But quick snacks often mean grabbing junk food just because it’s fast and easy. Thankfully, if you plan ahead, you can provide your little athletes with a few healthy alternatives that aren’t a hassle to prepare and will supply all the energy necessary to help them perform at their best.

Black Bean Brownies

A sweet treat like brownies may provide a surge of energy, but loading your kiddo up with unnecessary sugar and empty calories isn’t going to sustain them for the long haul. A great alternative is black bean brownies. Not only are they just as tasty as traditional brownies, but because they’re made with legumes, they’ll also supply your child with plenty of fiber and protein. Best of all, they’re so yummy, nobody will know the difference!

Oatmeal Carrot Cookies

Cookies are always a hit with the little ones, but all that extra sugar is the last thing you want to pump your kids full of. The good news is we’ve got a great substitute that will curb their craving for sweetness without overloading their little bodies with too many unwanted ingredients. And because oatmeal carrot cookies contain healthy complex carbohydrates, they’ll provide a more consistent amount of energy to keep your athletes going strong – not to mention the extra boost of vitamins they’ll get as well. In other words, it’s a win-win!

Roasted Garbanzo Beans

For the kids that crave salty instead of sweet, skip the potato chips and cook up a batch of crispy, crunchy roasted garbanzo beans. These are so tasty, your kids will be begging for more. Most importantly, your little athletes will get the salty goodness they crave without being weighed down with extra calories or carbs. They’re also a super easy and convenient grab-and-go snack – perfect for those days when you’re rushing out the door or running between practices or games.

Vegan Peanut Butter Bars

Who doesn’t love a yummy peanut butter bar? Unfortunately, when they’re prepared the traditional way, they are loaded with extra fat and calories. Thankfully with our vegan version, you can whip up a batch of bars that are just as sweet, tasty and rich without all the extras you don’t want or need. And because one of the main ingredients is chick peas, these delectable treats will provide your active little ones with plenty of protein to keep them fueled up.

As we plow head-on into youth sports season, planning ahead and preparing some of these healthier alternatives to junky snacks can pay off in more ways than one. Your kids will be thrilled that they can still enjoy crave-worthy treats, they’ll enjoy more energy and stamina since they’re taking in healthier ingredients and you’ll feel better knowing you’re doing right by your little ones. Score one for team parents!