5 Holiday Side Dishes That Are Sure to Please

5 Holiday Side Dishes That Are Sure to Please

When it comes to holiday meals, side dishes can make the difference between a mediocre menu and a truly festive feast. If you’re searching for the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas roast, Hanukkah brisket or New Year’s ham, we’ve got you covered. In fact, not only are the following recipes ridiculously delicious but because they’re all vegetable-based, they’re also a much healthier option. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five, holiday side dishes that are sure to steal the show at your next holiday gathering.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

For a new twist on an old favorite, these biscuits offer the perfect combination of tender, buttery texture and just a hint of natural sweetness. They pair equally well with the savory and sweet dishes that are commonly featured at holiday meals. Serve them as-is, top them with a dab of butter or up your game with a delicious drizzle of honey. Best of all, since they’re made with mashed sweet potatoes, you and your guests will enjoy an extra serving of healthy veggies. Get the full recipe here.

Cauliflower and Wild Rice Pilaf

Rice is a popular side dish at holiday feasts around the world. Kick yours up a notch (or three) with this tasty recipe, which incorporates riced cauliflower for an added boost of vitamins and minerals. Creamy, flavorful and filling, this dish is the perfect complement to almost any meal. Best of all, whipping up a batch takes just minutes! Fast, easy and oh-so-delicious – now that’s what we call a holiday dinner win-win-win! Check out the recipe here.

Hanover Green Beans

Green beans are among the most popular vegetables to grace the holiday dinner table. Surprise your fellow diners with a dish that’ll make their taste buds sing for joy! We’re talking about our infamous Hanover Green Beans recipe (one bite and you’ll know why it’s earned that title!) With the savory flavor of cheddar cheese, the smoky taste of bacon and the perfect balance of fresh cherry tomatoes, this side dish is sure to become a holiday meal staple for years to come! Grab the recipe here and give it a try!

Beet Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese

Tired of the same old boring green salads? Chances are, everyone else at the dinner table is as well. Be a hero with this amazing beet salad recipe. Enjoy the rich, earthy flavor and beautiful, eye-popping color of beets (along with all of their amazing health benefits), perfectly balanced with fresh, leafy greens, savory crumbled cheese, and crispy chopped nuts. It all comes together in a flavor explosion with the homemade vinaigrette. You’ll never look at a salad the same way! (Be ready to hand out this recipe!)

Sweet and Sour Carrots

Opposites certainly do attract – especially when it comes to the sweet and sour flavors of this delectable carrot recipe. There’s something truly amazing about the contrasting flavors of naturally sweet carrots and the tangy homemade dressing that just tickle your taste buds and keep you reaching for more. You’ll seriously be wondering where this dish has been all your life! Best of all, it’s delightfully easy to prepare, so you don’t have to waste precious time slaving in the kitchen. Get the full recipe here.

The holidays are coming. Dress up your menu with one or more of the above side dishes and you’re sure to be the hit of the party!