5 Uncanny Facts about Canned Food

5 Uncanny Facts about Canned Food

Do you shy away from canned food? Are you under the common belief that fresh veggies are the only good option? You may want to think again. In fact, research indicates that canned produce still contains most of the valuable nutrients as its fresh counterparts. It’s also much more affordable and less wasteful (think of how many times you’ve had to throw away spoiled produce you never got around to using). Still not convinced? Here are five interesting facts about canned food that might just change your mind.

Fact #1: Canned veggies are NOT loaded with preservatives.

Many people steer clear of canned goods because they’ve heard a rumor that canned means tons of unhealthy preservatives. To the contrary, the process of canning actually makes the use of preservatives unnecessary. Heat and pressure are used to can veggies, both of which serve to keep bacteria out while sealing freshness in.

Fact #2: Canned vegetables are still loaded with nutrients.

As mentioned above, canned veggies contain almost all of their original nutrients. That’s because canning occurs very close to harvest, when the produce is at its peak of freshness. Additionally, canned veggies also retain all their fiber and protein content. Furthermore, canning some veggies, like carrots and tomatoes, can actually increase their nutritional impact.

Fact #3: You can still enjoy canned veggies while watching your sodium intake.

Contrary to popular belief, not all canned produce is loaded with sodium. While a small amount of salt is used to enhance flavor, it’s entirely possible to enjoy your favorite vegetables out of a can without worrying about consuming too much sodium. If you’re still concerned, a quick drain and rinse can further reduce any sodium that was included in the canning process.

Fact #4: Canned foods have a wonderfully long shelf life.

One of the best things about canned produce is that you can stock up and not worry about spoilage. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your family always enjoys their required serving of veggies each day. To keep track of your canned goods’ shelf life, try organizing them using a lazy Susan or storage rack and rotating your stock oldest to newest.

Fact #5: You can eat canned goods and still eat organic.

Many people think that in order to eat organic, they have to shop in that special section of their grocery store’s produce aisle (and pay an arm and a leg in the process). The good news is there are a number of canned organic options to choose from that are both convenient and affordable. For instance, Hanover Foods Organics line includes a number of canned products. And it’s a list that we’re actively adding to, so stay tuned.

As you can see, canned veggies are a great option. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to incorporate more canned produce into your family meals, we invite you to grab a few of our products and give them a try. We’re confident that once you taste the wholesome goodness and see how affordable it can be, you’ll become a believer too!