Christmas Leftover Hacks

Christmas Leftover Hacks

Another successful Christmas on the books, but what are you going to do with all those leftovers? Don’t put away those stretchy pants just yet, because we’ve pulled together a few creative ideas for turning those traditional holiday dishes and sides into some pretty amazing second-time-around meals. So, get ready to clear out those fridge shelves and get your taste buds ready for the New Year with these Christmas leftover hacks. Bon appétit!

Broccoli & Turkey Casserole

Turkey is one of the most common leftovers following a big Christmas Day feast. If you’re tired of those same old boring turkey sandwiches, this recipe idea should kick things up a notch. Just combine a few cups of shredded turkey with a package of cooked broccoli florets in a greased casserole dish. Top with a mixture of 1/3 cup of milk and 1 can each cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and cheddar cheese, bake for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees, serve and enjoy.

Ham, Cheese & Veggie Quiche

If it’s leftover ham that you’re dealing with, we’ve got you covered. How about a nice ham, cheese and veggie quiche? All you need are a few of your favorite veggies (we prefer spinach, onions and mushrooms, but you can substitute with just any combo your heart desires), some milk, egg whites, three kinds (or more) of cheese and a handful of other ingredients. Check out the full recipe here (and just add in some chopped up leftover ham). Have it for breakfast, a snack or even a meal. Yum!

Turkey & White Bean Chili

Chili is a super easy, deliciously hearty way to transform leftovers into something new. This version combines fresh turkey meat with a variety of beans, a few veggies, fresh minced garlic and a whole lot of flavor. Best of all, since it’s made in the crockpot, you won’t have to spend all day cooking. Just melt two ounces of butter in a warm crockpot, add a few teaspoons of flour to thicken and combine chicken broth, beans, peppers and onions, spices to taste and pulled turkey. Cover and cook for four hours and enjoy. For the complete recipe, click here.

Christmas Risotto

Who doesn’t love good old comfort food? At Hanover Foods, when we think of comfort food, we think of risotto. It’s so rich, creamy, hearty and flavorful. And if you make it with riced cauliflower, you can skip most of the carbs and calories at the same time. To put a Christmas leftover spin on things, make your risotto using your favorite recipe, and then slowly stir in some leftover turkey and stuffing. Toss in a little garlic and some lemon zest and you’ll have a quick, easy and creative new dish to enjoy.

Ham & Bean Soup

What better way to relax, unwind and recover after the crazy holiday rush than to cozy up with a steaming bowl of hearty soup? This recipe is designed to taste just like Grandma used to make, using a ham with the bone, but don’t worry if you’ve only got the meat leftover. Simply take a bit of ham, sauté or bake it until it’s almost crispy, then chop it up. This should add a deeper flavor. The rest of the recipe, including the rest of the ham you’ve got on hand, can be followed as planned.

Lots of leftovers? No problem. With these after-Christmas cooking hacks, you’ll be able to enjoy a versatile and delicious menu for as long as it takes to clear out the fridge and get ready for the New Year! For more great recipes, click here.