What to Eat with Your Baked Beans

What to Eat with Your Baked Beans

Who doesn’t love baked beans? This popular comfort food is typically prepared using cooked pinto beans and other savory ingredients, such as tomato sauce, bacon, and certain spices. Baked beans are perhaps best known for being served as a side dish at barbeques. But that doesn’t mean they must be reserved only for the occasional cookout or picnic. To the contrary, baked beans make a delicious complement to any number of different dishes. Here are a few of our favorites you may want to try.

Grilled Meats

Nothing elevates the taste of a freshly grilled piece of meat quite like a forkful of smoky baked beans. Serve up a crock of New England style, old fashioned baked beans alongside your favorite grilled meat, like chicken, burgers, pork chops or bratwurst. Have a picky eater on your hands? A grilled hot dog with a helping of brown sugar and bacon flavored baked beans make a great kid-friendly meal. Or, for an all-in-one meal, try mixing grilled hot dog slices right in with the beans. Yum!

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The combination of tangy pulled pork with savory baked beans is something your taste buds won’t soon forget. To prepare the sandwiches, slow cook a pork roast in a smoker or crock pot until fork tender. Shred the meat and add your favorite barbeque sauce. Serve atop a fresh-baked roll along with traditional sides, like corn on the cob, smoke pit baked beans and a dollop of cool, creamy coleslaw. Or, for a truly traditional flavor combination, give our southern style oven baked beans a try.

Fresh Salad

The beauty of beans is how healthy they are. Packed with protein and other valuable nutrients, they truly are a superfood. And because they’re so hearty, they also make a great meat substitute. Vegetarian baked beans pair perfectly with a fresh garden salad. Best of all, they are packed with all the same savory flavors and seasonings as regular baked beans, but they’re completely meatless. Prepare a nutritious salad with some leafy greens, ripe tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, crunchy peppers, shredded carrots and anything else that tickles your fancy. Top with your favorite dressing and serve with beans.


There’s a reason why many diners and breakfast nooks serve beans as one of their side dishes. They go perfectly with popular morning-time meats, like ham, bacon or sausage. They also serve as a great complement to crispy hash browns or creamy scrambled eggs. And because they’re so good for you, homestyle baked beans help to make breakfast a more balanced meal. For a real treat, try our maple and bacon flavored baked beans. Enjoy them as-is, or serve them atop a piece of toast or English muffin.

Baked beans make a delicious, nutritious side to go with a wide variety of different dishes and meal options. Even vegetarians can get in on the action! The next time you’re craving that savory, smoky taste, consider serving them alongside one of the four options above. Trust us – your taste buds will thank you!