How to Keep Your Thanksgiving Carbs Down

How to Keep Your Thanksgiving Carbs Down

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For many, this means a time to enjoy fellowship with family and a chance to enjoy some delicious, home-cooked food. For those of us watching our carbs, however, Turkey Day can end up being an event to dread. The good news is, with a few simple substitutions, you can easily turn everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes into delicious, low-carb dishes that the whole family will enjoy. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Give these easy carb-conscious ideas a try and make the holidays something to look forward to once again.

Ditch the spuds and mash up some cauliflower instead.

Mashed potatoes have been a staple of Thanksgiving feasts for generations. Unfortunately, for those on a low-carb lifestyle, they’re a no-go. Thankfully, Mother Nature has offered up the ideal alternative in the form of cauliflower which, when mashed, is just a rich and cream and can help curb those cravings without sacrificing your diet. Make it from scratch with this simple recipe, or save some time and grab some already prepared.

Load up on veggies and other non-grains.

Breads and grains are tasty, but they’re not conducive to a low-carb diet. Oh, and we can’t forget about salad dressing, which is often chock-full of unwanted ingredients, like extra carbs and lots of sugar and preservatives. Some much healthier, more wholesome (and carb-friendly) alternatives are veggies and non-grains, like quinoa. Check out our recipe for a mouthwatering Quinoa Vegetable Salad and enjoy all the flavor without all the extras. Just be sure to make enough to pass around – this is certain to be a hit!

Make finger foods healthy again.

Chips and fried foods can be tempting, especially when you’re waiting for the main course to be ready. But a few handfuls can send you careening off the low-carb bandwagon. Resist temptation by coming prepared with your own crave-worthy finger foods. For instance, our Baked Asparagus Fries are super easy to prepare and deliver a satisfying crispy, crunch while keeping your diet in check. And as a bonus, you’ll enjoy an extra serving of veggies. That’s what we call a win-win-win!

Have a go-to, carb-friendly side.

Everybody may love Aunt Martha’s famous stuffing, but if you’re limiting your carb intake, you’ll have to find something else to take its place. Luckily, there are plenty of tasty options for carb-friendly side dishes that you can pile your plate with and not stress about the aftermath. Take, for instance, a delicious Green Bean Casserole. Not only is it a lower carb alternative, but it’s much better for you overall, since it’s loaded with healthy greens. Before you know it, your dishes will become the new go-to favorites. (Sorry, Aunt Martha!)

Introduce more beans into the mix.

Not only do legumes contain a lot of health benefits, but they’re also delightfully filling, which make them perfect for helping you resist those unhealthy Turkey Day cravings. Whip up a batch of baked beans or some homemade chili. Or, get fancy with this Edamame Succotash and impress your guests with your delicious creativity. For dessert, give our Black Bean Brownies a try. Trust us – nobody will know the difference!

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to worry about eating too many carbs. This year, make Thanksgiving and the rest of your seasonal events easy and effortless with these low-carb alternatives.