Hanover Foods Corporation wants to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation for its  employees, customers, suppliers and contractors who have stood with the Company in this unprecedented and uncertain time.  Our employees have faithfully come to work each day and have done their parts to keep America fed. They have remained calm, clear-minded, and focused which is a testament not only to their brilliance but also to their fortitude. They shine brightly in these dark days.

As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues its insurgency, Hanover Foods Corporation continues to monitor the situation and to take precautionary measures designed to mitigate the spread.  The health and safety of our employees, facilities, customers, and vendors is paramount. Below are just some of the precautionary measures the Company has undertaken.

  • COVID-19 Committee – We created a COVID-19 Committee which is tasked with continually monitoring communications, guidance and orders of various Federal and State governments and agencies such as the President’s COVID-19 Taskforce; the Centers for Disease Control;  and, the Departments of Health and the Executive branches of the respective States within the Company’s footprint.  Our COVID-19 Committee steers the Company’s response to the current situation by determining what precautionary measures the Company can and will take to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and ensures such measures are implemented.
  • Nonessential Visitors – We have temporarily banned all nonessential visitors. We continue to receive and send mail and accept those individuals and contractors with certain expertise and/or skills necessary to address operational matters.
  • Business Travel – All non-essential business travel has been temporarily banned. Some limited domestic travel between Company facilities by certain employees is essential to our operations and will continue.  Otherwise, employees are required to use video conferencing or telephone conferencing in lieu of business travel.
  • Business Meetings Including Training– Internal business meetings, including training, temporarily has been limited to no more than 10 individuals, practicing social distancing measures, or conducted virtually or telephonically.
  • Shipping – We require inbound drivers to return and remain in their trucks upon announcing their arrival at our facilities.  They will be permitted to use bathrooms designated for their exclusive use.
  • BioTech – We have delayed the implementation of new time and attendance equipment using fingerprint scanning.
  • Stagger Shifts – We have staggered our shifts to decrease the amount of interaction among employees.
  • Break and Lunch Rooms – We have modified break and lunch rooms to increase the spacing between seating and tables to conform to social distancing recommendations and requirements.
  • Reinforced Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – We have reinforced GMPs that focus on good health and good hygiene.  The Company continues to encourage and require sick employees to stay home or leave work when they become ill.  All employees are required to (and are reminded to) maintain good personal hygiene, including, but not limited to, frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and hot water and frequent use of hand sanitizers which the Company provides throughout its facilities.
  • Heighten Sanitation and Cleaning – In addition to the already stringent Food Safety Moderation Act sanitation and cleaning protocols, we have increased the frequency of our sanitation and cleaning of high touch contact surface areas (i.e., bathrooms; light switches; doorknobs; copiers; etc.) throughout our production facilities and offices. The disinfecting products we use kill viruses on contact surfaces.
  • Face Masks — We require all employees to wear face masks while at work. The Company provides single-use face masks to its employees.
  • Outlet Stores – We have limited the number of customers allowed in our outlet stores at any one time in order to allow more social distancing within the stores.  We have installed plexiglass shield guards in front of our cashiers and require our cashiers to wear face masks and gloves. We also require outlet store customers to wear face masks.
  • COVID-19 Awareness – Through various means of communications, we have made all employees aware of the numerous precautionary measures the Company has implemented to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Protocols – We have established protocols for execution upon discovery that a facility or business unit has been exposed to a person who is a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Temperature Screens – We have instituted mandated temperature screens when and where appropriate.

While we have not yet reached the end of this health crisis, we are encouraged by the daily displays of leadership, courage, and kindness.  It leads us to believe that we surely will overcome this health crisis and will be safer and better than before. Thank you for doing your part to keep America safe and fed.