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Canned Vegetables

At Hanover Foods, we believe you should be able to enjoy convenience and affordability without having to sacrifice quality. That’s the foundation of our “seed to plate” philosophy. We understand that keeping your customers satisfied tops your list of priorities, and we’ve designed our extensive line of food service products to help you achieve that goal.

Our impressive catalog of canned food products – including everything from beans and potatoes to corn and tomatoes – incorporates only the best ingredients, picked, prepared and packaged to deliver premium taste. We also offer a number of healthy alternatives, including low-sodium, gluten-free and trans-fat-free options.

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Beans and Pork

Baked Beans

Great taste of rich simmered baked bean dishes ready to serve. Always a good complement to a meal whether cooked indoors or outdoors. Rich in dietary fiber.

Brown Sugar Baked Vegetarian Beans | Kosher 6/10
Brown Sugar And Bacon Baked Beans 6/10
Old Fashioned Bacon Baked Beans New England Style 6/10
Sportsman’s Bar-b-q Baked Beans 12/5

Pork And Beans

The classic flavor of pork and beans- an excellent side dish to everyday meals. Rich in dietary fiber.

Beans And Franks 12/7e0
Dawn Glo Pork And Beans In Fancy Sauce 6/10
Dawn Glo Vegetarian Beans In Fancy Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Pork And Beans 24/300t
Pork And Beans 12/41
Pork And Beans In Extra Fancy Sauce 6/10
Vegetarian Beans In Extra Fancy Sauce 6/10


Whole Potatoes

These natural whole potatoes are packed with no sulfites and can be served whole, fried, oven browned, as parsley potatoes, or in stews.

Whole White Potatoes | Kosher 6/10
Small Whole White Potatoes | Kosher 6/10
Tiny Whole White Potatoes | Kosher 6/10

Diced Potatoes

Diced potatoes contain no sulfites. The time-saving choice for crispy hash browns, delicious soups and chowders, and popular potato salads.

Diced White Potatoes | Kosher 6/10

Sliced Potatoes

Use sliced potatoes for home fries (a breakfast favorite!), potato salads and in side dishes featuring creamy, savory sauces like Potatoes Au Gratin. Convenience with the taste of fresh potatoes and no sulfites.

Sliced Potatoes | Kosher 24/300t
Sliced White Potatoes | Kosher 6/10

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are tasty and nutritious in many traditional favorites including mashed sweet potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, and sweet potato pie. Rich in vitamin A.

Syrup Pack Cut Sweet Potatoes | Kosher 6/10
Syrup Pack Whole Sweet Potatoes | Kosher 6/10

Fresh Pack


Beets can be served hot or cold in a variety of dishes including soups and salads. Rich in vitamins, beets are a great condiment on the salad bar and alongside entrees.

Diced Beets | Kosher 6/10
Salad Sliced Beets | Kosher 6/10
Sliced Beets | Kosher 6/10
Sliced Pickled Beets | Kosher 6/10
Small Sliced Beets | Kosher 6/10
Small Whole Beets | Kosher 6/10
Tiny Whole Beets | Kosher 6/10
Whole Beets | Kosher 6/10


Picked at their peak for the best taste, sweet peas are a nutritious side dish and great in creamed dishes or casseroles

Smooth Green Alaska Peas 6/10
Sweet Peas | Kosher 6/10
X-STD Mix SV Sweet Peas | Kosher 6/100

Green Beans

Crisp, tender and stringless, green beans are an all-around favorite. A delicious and colorful side dish, green beans are also important in many entrees and soups. Blue Lake green beans are cut to 1.5″ and are a 3-4-5 sieve field run.

Cut Blue Lake Green Beans | Kosher 6/10
Cut Green Beans | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10
Cut Italian Green Beans | Kosher 6/10
Cut Wax Beans | Kosher 6/10
X-std Cut Blue Lake Green Beans | Kosher 6/10


Golden sweet corn brings sunshine to any meal. Tender milky kernels, is an American favorite.

WK Golden Sweet Corn | Kosher 6/10
X-STD WK Golden Sweet Corn | Kosher 6/10
Corn | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10
Golden Cream Style Corn | Kosher 6/10
Cope’s Toasted Dried Sweet Corn | Kosher 12/7.5 Oz
Cope’s Golden Sweet Corn | Kosher 24/300
Cope’s White Sweet Corn | Kosher 24/300
Double Cut 25lb Dry Bag | Kosher 25lb

Mixed Vegetables

A colorful variety of vegetables comes your way, ready for use in side dishes, soups, and casseroles. Mix includes diced carrots, diced potatoes, cut green beans, sweet peas, cut celery, whole kernel corn, and lima beans.

Mixed Vegetables | Kosher 6/10
Mixed Vegetables | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10

Lima Beans

Sometimes called “butter beans”, lima beans delicate flavor complements a wide range of dishes including soups and stews. Rich in dietary fiber.

Green And White Lima Beans | Kosher 24/300t
Green And White Lima Beans | Kosher 6/10
Medium Green Lima Beans | Kosher 6/10

Domestic Mushrooms

Domestic mushrooms add flavor in stews, pasta, and casseroles. Low-calorie domestic mushrooms are great for salads or side dishes.

Mushrooms | Pieces And Stems | Kosher 12/16t
Mushrooms | Pieces And Stems | Kosher 6/10
Mushrooms | Sliced | Kosher 6/10


Tomato Sauce

A tomato sauce with perfect consistency. The key ingredient for sauces, soups, chili, and many entrees.

Deluxe Marinara Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Deluxe Spaghetti Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Italian Meatless Spaghetti Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Pizza Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Tomato Sauce | Kosher 6/10

Tomato Puree

Tomato Puree is in great demand in the kitchen as broth, a sauce base, and an ingredient item. Hanover offers both light puree (1.045 specific gravy) and a heavy puree (1.06 specific gravy).

Tomato Puree (1.045) | Kosher 6/10
Tomato Puree (1.06) | Kosher 6/10

Crushed Tomatoes

Hanover Pomodoro Tomatoes are an easy-to-use, versatile ingredient in many classic dishes. Offering the distinctive fresh picked tomato flavor desired in pastas, lasagna, soups, and stews.

Crushed Tomatoes | Kosher 6/10

Tomato Juice

Refreshing and flavorful juice drink rich in vitamins. Hanover’s Pomodoro Tomato Juice can be used in recipes for chili, spaghetti sauce, barbeque sauces, salsa and soups.

Tomato Juice | Kosher 12/46
Vegetable Juice Cocktail | Kosher 12/46


Fancy 33% ketchup is rich and thick. Welcome on the table as a condiment or for cooking in the kitchen. Extra standard 29% ketchup (Farmer Girl Label) is value priced for institutional kitchen use in sauces and chili. Standard 25% (Dawn Glo Label) is also available.

Dawn Glo Tomato Ketchup (25%) | Kosher 6/10
Farmer Girl Tomato Ketchup (29%) | Kosher 6/10
Tomato Ketchup (33% )| Kosher 6/10

Dry Pack Beans

Dark Red Kidney Beans

Perfect in chili, casseroles, and other dishes, these colorful beans are also a great salad bar garnish item.

Dark Red Kidney Beans | Sauce | Kosher 24/300t
Dark Red Kidney Beans | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10
Dark Red Kidney Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10
Dark Red Kidney Beans | Sauce| Kosher 6/10

Light Red Kidney Beans

Light Kidney Beans are a great choice for soups, chili, and other dishes.

Light Red Kidney Beans | Kosher 24/300t
Light Red Kidney Beans | Low Sodium| Kosher 24/300t
Light Red Kidney Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10
Light Red Kidney Beans | Sauce | Kosher 6/10

Pink Beans

Their light color makes them and attractive addition to any recipe. A high protein content makes them a nourishing substitute for meats. A good substitution for kidney beans. Packed in sauce.

Pink Beans| Sauce 6/10

Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans , packed in brine, are perfect in popular Southwestern, Tex-Mex Cooking. Great in Barbeque sauce, as a side dish or in chili.

Pinto Beans | Brine| Kosher 24/300t
Pinto Beans | Low Sodium| Kosher 24/300t
Pinto Beans | Brine |Kosher 6/10

Blackeye Peas

Create a famous southern dish with blackeye peas and southern greens. Packed in brine, they are also a tasty salad bar garish.

Blackeye Peas | Brine | Kosher 24/300t
Blackeye Peas | Brine | Kosher 6/10
Blackeye Peas | Low Sodium | Kosher 24/300t
Blackeye Peas | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10

Great Northern Beans

Favored in soups or a good protein ingredient in entrees, Great Northern Beans are packed in brine.

Great Northern Beans | Brine | Kosher 24/300t
Great Northern Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10
Great Northern Beans | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10

Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans are perfect in soups, white chili, or as a protein substitute for vegetarian dishes. These hearty white kidney beans are also a good salad bar item.

Cannellini Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10

Black Beans

These rich, flavorful beans are high in protein and fiber. Black beans are served in soups, chili, and salads or as a side dish.

Black Beans | Brine | Kosher 24/300t
Black Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10
Black Beans | Low Sodium | Kosher 24/300t
Black Beans | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10
Seasoned Black Beans 6/10

Vegetarian Beans

Extra Fancy and Fancy Vegetarian Beans are navy beans in seasoned tomato sauce. Extra Fancy grade serves as an excelled meatless side dish or side dish base. Fancy grade (Dawn Glo Label) are value priced for schools and institutions.

Fancy Vegetarian Beans | Kosher 6/10
Vegetarian Beans | Kosher 24/300t

Navy Beans

Savory bean soup, and pasta and bean soup are simple to make with navy beans in brine. They are also welcomed in entrees.

Navy Beans | Brine | Kosher 24/300t
Navy Beans | Brine | Kosher 6/10

Chili Beans

Pinto Beans are slow-cooked in tantalizing, spicy sauce. Delicious as a side for Tex-Mex menus or just add beef and your favorite vegetables for a hearty chili con carne.

Chili Beans | Sauce | Kosher 24/300t
Chili Beans | Sauce | Kosher 6/10

Red Beans

Perfect in chili, casseroles and other dishes, these colorful beans are also a great salad bar garnish item.

Red Beans | Brine| Kosher 24/300t
Red Beans | Brine| Kosher 6/10

Butter Beans

Wonderful baked limas are easy to prepare with these large dry lima beans packed in a sweetened sauce. Use straight from the can as a delicious side dish.

Butter Beans | Sauce | Kosher 24/300t
Butter Beans | Sauce | Kosher 6/10
Green and White Lima Beans | Sauce 6/10

Chick Peas

Sulfite-free Chick Peas are packed in brine. Their superb appearance makes them a favorite at the salad bar and in soups.

Chick Peas | Kosher 24/300t
Chick Peas | Low Sodium | Kosher 6/10
Chick Peas | Brine | Kosher 6/10

Hummus Beans

Hanover’s Hummus Beans are processed without EDTA, calcium chloride, and sulfites. Used as an ingredient in hummus, this produces an outstanding velvety smooth hummus.

Hummus Beans | Kosher

Salads and Soups

Deli Three Bean Salad

With their sweet and sour deli style dressings, these items are exciting both at the salad bar or as entree plate garnishes. Pick of the crop cut green and golden beans and dark kidney beans along with diced onions and red peppers comprise the three bean salad.

Deli Three Bean Salad | Kosher 6/10

Deluxe Three Bean Salad

Use our Deluxe Three Bean Salad as a decorative plate garnish or an ever popular salad bar item. Crisp cut green beans, cut golden beans, and dark red kidney beans are packed in rich and tangy old fashioned sweet and sour oil marinade with strips of onion and red bell pepper.

Deluxe Three Bean Salad | Kosher 6/10

Soup and Broth

A collection of delicious traditional and home-style soups to satisfy every appetite. Full flavor broths perfect for making sauces and gravies. Hanover’s soups and broths are the basis of many great tasting dishes.

Chicken Noodle 12/5
Tomato 12/5
Vegetable With Beef Stock 12/5
Chicken Broth 12/48
Beef Broth 12/48