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Journey from Farm to Table

Discover how Hanover Foods collaborates with farmers to deliver the freshest vegetables straight from our fields to your table. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that you enjoy the best nature has to offer. Learn more about our farm-to-table journey and savor the goodness in every bite.

Hanover Foods

Supporting family farming for 100 years

Since 1924, Hanover Foods Corporation has been an active leader in the growing, processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of an amazing variety of food products. Hanover Foods produces vegetables all year round. See what is fresh and in season for your dinner table delights!

Thank you to our farmers for providing the best crops for generations!


Jamie stafford & Family


First-generation farmer Jamie and his wife Lori embody a lifelong passion for agriculture. Their commitment to sustainable practices, including no-till farming and covering crops, promotes healthier soil and reflects their dedication to the community. The family legacy will live on and thrive in twin daughters, Ashlyn and Jalyn, who currently manage daily farming decisions in anticipation of continuing the Stafford Family heritage.

Stafford team | Hanover Foods


the Vanderwende Family


The Vanderwende family farm is a 3rd generation operation that sees farming as both a livelihood and a wonderful way of life. With sustainable practices like covering crops, soil-sampling, and no-till farming, they take pride in producing top-notch produce. Their commitment to land stewardship ensures delicious, high-quality vegetables.


Neil Todd & Family


“We are a small family run operation where everyone is involved. It is very important to us to be able to raise our children on the farm and be able to teach the next generation the importance of hard work, responsibility, and decision making.”
-- Neil and Emma Todd

Todd | Hanover Foods
REED | Hanover Foods




For Jimmy Reed, being a family farmer means embracing a way of life rooted in love for the land and a commitment to quality. The Reed family prioritizes sustainability, family values, and passing down traditions. Together they embody resilience, respect, and a profound connection to nature.


families in Guatemala

Hanover Foods has been supporting family farms in Guatemala for over 50 years. Our farming families pictured here are just a few of the strong community of farmers that provide the highest quality vegetables. For these families, farming is not just a job, but a way of life. They all take pride in their work, their farms, and their communities. Hanover Foods is proud to support our farming families in Guatemala.

alvaro bajan | Hanover Foods

alvaro bajan & Family


Juan Velázquez López & dany melgar | Hanover Foods

Juan Velázquez López & dany melgar


Balvino Yos Tzirin | Hanover Foods

Balvino Yos Tzirin & Family


Hanover Foods

For a century, we've proudly championed family farming, ensuring that our fields yield the freshest vegetables for your table.

At Hanover Foods, our dedication to quality and sustainability is at the heart of everything. We're proud to work hand in hand with local farmers, bringing the freshest, most flavorful vegetables straight from our fields to your table.

Our partnership with farmers is more than just business; it's a commitment to providing you with the finest produce possible. Our journey begins on the lush, sun-soaked fields where our dedicated farmers cultivate various vegetables carefully and precisely. We ensure the land remains fertile for generations to come through sustainable farming practices.

Each vegetable is meticulously harvested at its peak ripeness to capture its full flavor and nutritional value. Then, our state-of-the-art facilities take over, employing cutting-edge technology to lock in freshness and preserve taste. The result? Vegetables that burst with color, flavor, and goodness, just as nature intended.

By choosing Hanover Foods, you're not just getting vegetables; you're getting a piece of our commitment to quality, taste, and sustainability. We take pride in every step of the journey, from our fields to your table. Taste the difference in every bite, and experience the pure joy of farm-fresh goodness with Hanover Foods.