Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend

Premium | Steamed in Bag

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend

The Hanover Premium Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend is a nutritious side dish that complements any meal. Our zucchini and yellow squash are picked at peak ripeness and then individually quick frozen, ensuring a consistent quality, freshness, and texture. They remain frozen until you’re ready to enjoy them, keeping them fresh. This dish is low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, making it a tasty and healthy option to complete your meal.



Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend

Looking for a premium blend of yellow squash and zucchini? Look no further than Hanover Foods! Our sustainable farming methods prioritize quality, ensuring that our crops are always the best. Our whole green beans are individually quick frozen at the peak of ripeness, ensuring a consistently fresh and delicious texture.

Our Hanover Premium Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend is perfect for quick and convenient Steam-In-Bag side dishes. Pair it with pasta, meat, or fish for a healthy and tasty meal. With only 30 calories per serving, our blend is a great addition to any diet plan. It’s also free of fat and cholesterol and low in carbs. We never add artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives to our whole green beans.

At Hanover Foods, we’re committed to providing healthy and convenient options for your family. Plus, our products have been trusted for decades for their superior taste and quality. Give our Premium Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend a try and taste the difference for yourself!

Microwave Directions: 

1. Place Hanover Premium Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend bag this side up in microwave. Microwave on high for 5 to 6 minutes. Bag will inflate and vent.

2. Let stand 1 minute. After that remove carefully and cut open where indicated.

3. Pour into serving dish and above all enjoy!

Stove Top Cooking Directions:

1. Empty contents of the Hanover Premium Zucchini and Yellow Squash Blend bag into a 2-quart saucepan. Then add 1/4 cup water.

2. Cover and cook over medium heat for 4 to 6 minutes, remember to stir occasionally.

3. Let stand for 1-2 minute. After that drain and season to taste.

For food safety and quality, follow cooking directions and heat to a temperature of 165°F. Promptly refrigerate unused portions.


Yellow Squash and Zucchini


Serving Size: 2/3cup (85g)

Calories: 30

Total Fat: 0g

Saturated Fat: 0g

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 0mg

Total Carb.: 8g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Total Sugars: 2g

Incl: 0g Added Sugars

Protein: 1g

Vitamin D: 0mcg

Calcium: 20mg

Iron: 0.6mg

Potassium: 180mg